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Quality and Certifications Glossary

Avantec quality and certifications glossary.

Avantec's Quality and Certifications Glossary

The IPC-A-610 is the most widely used specification for post assembly inspection. It contains visual accept/reject criteria examples for all three classes of production. 

IPC-A-610 Class III
The more stringent of the general workmanship standards normally associated with medical electronics applications.

With cancellation of MIL-STD-2000 and other Department of Defense soldering/material standards, J-STD-001C is the sole industry-consensus standard for soldering. This standard describes materials, methods and verification criteria for producing quality soldered interconnections and assemblies. Previous conflicts with other IPC and industry standards have been resolved. Co-produced with EIA.

Until recently the military has been the driving force behind the development of ESD standards in the United States. MIL-STD-1686 was the ESD Program Standard for the Department of Defense until 1992 when, as part of the Military Standardization Reform Act, it was targeted for replacement with a commercial standard. 

The U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force and many commercial organizations have adopted this standard while the U.S. government accepts both S20.20 and MIL-STD-1686.

ISO 9001:2000 
ISO 9001 is a series of documents that define requirements for the Quality Management System Standard. ISO 9001 is one of the documents in this set; it contains the actual requirements an organization must be in compliance with to become ISO 9001 Registered. 

ISO 9001:2000 is the current version of the Standard. It was revised in the year 2000. Past versions of ISO 9000 included ISO 9002 and ISO 2003, but those are no longer in use. Companies are now only Registered to ISO 9001.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service is the sole national accreditation body recognised by government to assess, against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. 

Accreditation by UKAS means that evaluators i.e. testing and calibration laboratories, certification and inspection bodies have been assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and performance capability.

The Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) operates accreditation programs for ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 registrars through the ANSI-RAB National Accreditation Program. Independently, RAB operates certification programs for quality and environmental management systems auditors and accreditation programs for auditor training course providers.

Medical Product Manufacturing News 
MPMN is a product trade magazine that provides information on the new products and services available to medical device manufacturers. Published ten times a year, the publication is read by design engineering, manufacturing, and specifying personnel who need accurate, up-to-date information on materials, components, equipment, and services. 

Regular monthly issues of MPMN contain product and literature news, case histories, buyers guides, and industry news. The Annual Buyers Guide Issue, published in December, is a comprehensive resource listing over 3000 companies in more than 300 specific categories. Subscriptions are available free to qualified readers.